Two Days in Byron Bay

Byron Bay 3 Byron Bay ocean Byron Bay 4

Byron Bay

When I was planning my trip to Aus, I asked Monika for suggestions on what I should see and do (she’s been there twice already) and one of her suggestions was Byron Bay. There’s a lot of hype about this hippie beach town so when things didn’t work out at the Gold Coast, we headed there instead.

Now I must make mention of a known fact that Byron Bay is in New South Wales but it’s closer to Brisbane (Queensland) than it is to Sydney. There’s also time differences between the two states so it can get quite confusing if you’re heading there from Queensland.

Byron Bay sea Byron Bay waves

Day 1

When we go to Byron Bay, we grabbed some takeout lunch and headed straight to the beach. It was raining and cloudy at the Gold Coast (which is about an hour away) so we were really excited about the great weather. We spent all afternoon at Main Beach, which was crowded with a bunch of very interesting people.

We didn’t plan the trip so we didn’t have accommodation and you really need to book well in advance to get a room especially during peak season. Every single hotel and motel within a 20 mile radius from Byron Bay was fully booked so we had to drive an hour out to a motel. I honestly have no clue what the name of that dingy motel was or where it was located but I wouldn’t recommend it so it doesn’t matter.

After a short nap, dinner at the motel and freshening up, we drove back to Byron Bay that evening. It’s a busy town even at night so it was really hard to get into some of the popular places. The options were dancing on the beach with headphones! I don’t have a clear picture of this unfortunately but imagine a bunch of people bobbing along to music only they can hear. We spent a bit of time at The Beach Hotel before attempting the queue at Cheeky Monkeys and eventually giving up, going to buy falafels and chilling at Main Beach.

Byron Bay walkway Byron Bay GardenByron Bay with friends Byron Bay

Day 2

After a lovely breakfast at a cafe nearby our motel, we headed to a ‘secret’ beach. Most of these images were taken there. It was so peaceful and quiet with only a handful of people in sight. I’m not sure which beach it was but it was either Belongil Beach or Tallow Beach.

When the midmorning sun got a bit too much for us, we headed into town and walked around the quint little shops for a bit. Byron Bay have the cutest hippie and vintage shops. There’s also a chocolate shop that is well worth a visit. It was too hot to buy any treats but I loved browsing.

We grabbed some lunch and headed back to Main Beach for the rest of the day before heading on to the next destination.

There’s loads of things to do in Byron Bay like go to the lighthouse etc. but we really just wanted to chill at the beach and have a fun and relaxing time so these two days were perfect for us.

Byron Bay Gypsy Byron Bay Gypsy 4 Byron Bay Chocolates 3 Byron Bay Chocolates 2


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