Crave or Save – Sophia Webster vs. Dress Lilly


Sophia Webster Sandals for £410 / $680


 Dress Lilly Butterfly Wings Sandals for around £25 / $42

I’m a huge fan of Sophia Webster and I’m always browsing her latest collections online but I’ve only been able to afford them at her amazing sample sales.

I recently came across these Dress Lilly sandals and I instantly I knew they looked similar to Sophia Webster’s Chiara printed butterfly sandals. So I thought I’d share this find with you.

The shape and design of the sandals are similar but the colours aren’t.

Sophia Webster’s Chiara sandals have a neon red printed butterfly with a neon green front and retail at £410/$680. 

Sophia Webster Chiara also come in spearmint and hot pink printed butterfly sandals with oil slick front straps (£410/$680)



Dress Lilly’s butterfly wings sandals have a white and black patchwork print butterfly with a yellow front and cost around £25/$42.

Dress Lilly butterfly wings sandals also come in a pink patchwork print butterfly with a silver front (£25/$42)

Dress Lilly


Taking a closer look at both, while they are similar the colours make them unique and I’d definitely take a pair of each!

Sophia Webster butterly



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