My Cape Town Food Guide

I seem to end up in Cape Town at least once a year. My sister lives there so I always have a reason to go and I’m always treated to some really good food. My sister is a real foodie and I never fully appreciated this until recently so I decided to take note of some of the places we went to and give a mini food guide of where we ate. I should mention that the weather was pretty darn awful while I was there and so we ended up at the Waterfront most of the time.



Ok so I actually went to Tashas in Cape Town last year and I had my camera out because my sister’s friend was giving me some photography pointers and I remembered that I still had some of the pics. I go to Tashas in Joburg (Rosebank to be more specific) quite often and while their menu isn’t spectacular, it’s affordable and offers a really good variety. Unlike my sister, I am not a foodie. I get away pretending to be one because I hang around people that are the real deal food lovers. I like things simple. In fact, I had a toasted tuna sandwich (that’s a grilled tuna sandwich for all you non-South Africans) on this occasion and I remember this because my sister just shook her head when I placed my order. She ordered the quesidilla and her friend ordered the burger and chips. Like I said they have a pretty big menu. Take a look at what they have to offer here. I must mention the passion fruit and lemonade drink I had. I LOVE Passion fruit and lemonade and it’s one of those things I really miss when I’m in London (before you ask nope you don’t get the cordial mix at the South African shops in London so I only get my fix when I’m in SA).

The location of this Tashas is Shop 55 Constantia Village, Cnr Constantia Main & Spaanshemat River Road, Cape town. For more locations click here.


Haiku 2

We ended up at Haiku after attending an art gallery exhibition. It was cold and raining so I chose a warm dish – Pad Thai noodles with prawn. Overall it wasn’t bad but there were just two prawns and they tasted a bit rubbery so I ended up being grateful that there were just two. I’m hoping it was just cooked poorly and not a reflection on the quality of the seafood as that would mean we really do export all the good stuff and keep the junk. The rest of the crew had better luck with their choices as they ordered off the tapas menu that included sushi and dim sum. Take a look at the full menu here.

Haiku location – 33 Church Street, Cape Town. For more locations click here.

Simply Asia

Simply Asia

Simply Asia is South Africa’s equivalent to Wagamama. My sister and I grabbed some takeout after going to the movies to see The Other Woman (I recommend you wait for the DVD if you haven’t seen it yet). There are quite a few stores around Cape Town including one 2 minutes from my sister’s apartment but we were at the Waterfront so we ordered from there. Once again, I ordered Pad Thai but this time with chicken. I repeat that I am not a foodie. I like what I know and I know Pad Thai. It’s simple and it tastes great. I even have it at Wagamama every time I go there. My sister ordered the sweet corn cakes as a starter and the 514 which is the roasted chilli paste and cashew nut noodles with chicken (had to message her while writing this to find out and she said the 514 which I then had to look up on their menu. I’m dedicated aren’t I). Here’s their full menu.

Simply Asia location – The food court at the V&A Waterfront. For more locations click here.

Krugmann’s Grill

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

We had dinner at Krugmann’s after visiting the Good Food and Wine Show so we actually couldn’t eat much at GFWS2014. We didn’t really think this one through but in our defence it was raining AGAIN so there wasn’t much else to do. Krugmann’s was the second choice for a steak dinner when we couldn’t get a reservation at The Avenue. My sister ordered the flame-grilled Karoo lamb chops with salad, mash and onion rings. Her friend ordered a pepper fillet steak with chips and onion rings. She ended up sending the pepper sauce back because it tasted pretty bad. I had the dirty chicken burger with chips and onion rings (don’t judge). It was actually a pretty yum burger and it went down really well with my passion fruit and lemonade drink. Take a look at Krugmann’s menu here.

Krugmann’s Grill location – V&A Waterfront.


La Playa Café

La Playa

Moving onto dessert now (my favourite), La Playa at the Waterfront have a delicious selection of cakes and pastries. Aside from the red velvet cupcake being stale, the rest of our picks were really great. The macaroons, eclairs and chocolate cake are highly recommended. Full menu here.

La Playa Café location – V&A Waterfront

Myatt Café


Myatt is also located at the Waterfront. Their red velvet cupcake is lip-smackingingly good and the macaroons are also pretty tasty but the chocolate éclair is by far the best thing on the menu! They serve a really nice selection of herbal teas but I chose to try the Myattcino (I think that’s what it’s called) which turned out to be a big mistake as the cream was off. Full menu here.

Myatt Café location – V&A Waterfront

Myatt 2

Chocolates by Tomes

Chocolates by Tomes

Chocolate by Tomes is a chocolate shop in the Waterfront. I first discovered them at the Good Food and Wine Show. I love reading chick lit on holiday and at the time I was reading the book The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris by Jenny Colgan so all I could think of was handmade chocolate. I’m not sure if it’s because of the descriptions in the book or the chocolate itself but these were divine.

Chocolates by Tomes location – V&A Waterfront



Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

My sister took me a beautiful concert by Desert Rose (definitely check them out) and we headed to Rossini after, a coffee shop in Rondebosch East, for some red velvet waffles. Yes they have these in Cape Town. It tastes like normal waffles but it’s still delightful. The staff are overly friendly which was quite a shock to us seeing as we’re used to less than average service.

Rossini location – Metro Food Centre, 104 Kromboom Road, Rondebosch East, Cape Town.


After writing these up, I realised we actually had some not so great experiences at a few of these places but it may have just been a case of our bad luck. I’d love to hear about your experiences. Please feel free to comment below.


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